Joslyn Thompson Rule

Joslyn Thompson Rule (BA Econ) (Dip PT) (IIST) is a co-founder and director of One Personal Training. Joslyn started her career as a rowing coach in 1999 and now trains individuals for triathlons, marathons, weight-loss, strength, and general conditioning. Joslyn competes in Olympic Weightlifting (Snatch and the Clean and Jerk), lifting a combined weight of 127.5KG. She won second prize in the 2014 London Open weightlifting championships competing in the 63KG category. She also edits the highly informative website along with dispensing training and rehabilitation expertise in several health and fitness magazines such as Health & Fitness, Women’s Fitness and Stella Magazine (The Sunday Telegraph). Joslyn was interviewed in The Gentlewoman No. 6 as part of Modernisms series.